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Poor memory

Lisa asked her husband Jack, "Do you know who scored the maximum goals in the 1990 Football World cup?"Jack replied, "Yes, it was Salvatore Schillaci of Italy.6 goals.Why did you ask?"Lisa says, "And you didn't remember our marriage anniversary was yesterday!!!"Later, Jack says to his friends at the bar, "I couldn't even tell her I ...

Black sheep

Nixon, a social worker volunteers to go deep into one of Africa's under-developed north-east regions to live with a tribe there and educate them. He spends many years with them and teaches them to read, write and helps them inculcate socially acceptable behavior. Nixon stressed on them to avoid extra marital relationships, or experimenting outside ...

About time!

Old Mr. McPherson felt the need to be with a woman again. His wife had died 10 years back and he would feel very lonely at times. So he decides to have a good time before he dies of old age. He gets dressed in his best jacket and heads to the town bar. He ...

Flute player’s diagnosis

Harry, the flute player went to a doc who told him, "You have AIDS. You have only six more months to live."  The flute player said "And what am I going to live on for an entire six months?"

A different kind of gig

Rex, a saxophone player was frustrated because he was not getting any work. He called his agent who told him that there were no shows that he could help him with, however, he could get him a gig catching tigers to sterilize them.Rex was upset and asked his agent what had it got to do ...

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